Campaign Violation Form

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Any registered North Carolina A&T State University student who believes a campaign violation has been committed by or in the interest of a candidate currently pursuing office at North Carolina A&T State University, must file the Campaign Violation Form (CVF) found SGA website with the Elections Committee. The CVF must be completed and signed by the complaining witness(s).

The individual filing the CVF must be available to appear at the Elections Committee Violation Hearing conducted at a designated time and place, failure to appear shall render the alleged violation moot. In the event that a Campaign Violation Form is submitted on the day of general/special or run-off elections, the hearing will be held immediately following the close of the polling site.

Submitting a CVF doesn’t grant a hearing.  Hearings are granted, based on information given if you wish to report a campaign violation to the Elections Committee you must obtain the form from  Alleged violations pertaining to the general election or the run-off election must be submitted before the close of the designated poll site. No forms will be received after the polls have closed.

Contact Information - First Name
Contact Information - Middle Initial
Contact Information - Last Name
Contact Information - Email Address
Contact Information - Phone Number
Contact Information - Address
Contact Information - City
Contact Information - State
Contact Information - Zip Code
What is the name of the Candidate or Candidates Campaign you are reporting?
When did the alleged violation occur?
Please provide a dsecription of the alleged violation you observed during the election process. Please include where this occurred, the nature of the violation with details pertinent to the campaign guide and election protocol.
File Upload

Please upload evidence to this violation form. Ex: photo, video, email, etc.
Submission Certification

By submitting this form, I certify that I was a first-hand witness to the alleged violation and am not relaying second hand information. If a hearing is granted, I will be able to make a statement or answer any questions of the hearing panel. I also agree that this submission is truthful and has not been fabricated in any manner and does not violate the Student Code of Conduct. If I am found in direct violation of the Student Code of Conduct I may contacted by the Dean of Students.